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Anti-Harassment/Bullying Policy and Reporting

Anti-Harassment/Bullying Policy and Reporting

Bullying Policy and Reporting

Per Ohio Law, House Bill 276 required all school districts to develop and adopt an Anti-Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying policy by December 31, 2007. In addition to the adoption and implementation of this policy, district administrators are required to provide biannual summary reports of verified acts of harassment, intimidation and bullying. Please contact Assistant Superintendent, Dave Pilati at 330-497-5600 or pilatid@northcantonschools.org, with any questions.

If you wish to report a bullying incident, please use this form and submit it to the appropriate building principal:
Anti Harassment/Bullying Report Form.

While we understand that acts of bullying can take place in our K-5 buildings, we encourage you to first contact the building principal to discuss the situation before filling out a formal complaint.