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Expectations for the NCCS Digital Academy

Expectations for the NCCS Digital Academy


Student Expectations:

  • Students will attend orientations as provided by the school.
  • Students will comply with the policies of the school.
  • Students will log their time spent working off line.
  • Students will do their best to stay on pace.
  • Students will comply with course requirements as directed by the teacher.
  • Students will notify their teachers when they are having a problem in their coursework.
  • Students will notify their digital academy support person of technical problems within 24 hours.
  • Students will appear on-site as required for orientations, tests, and if behind in a class.

Parent/Guardian Expectations:

  • Parents will attend registration and orientation meetings as requested.
  • Parents will monitor their child’s progress and provide on-going encouragement.
  • Parents will ensure that their child is onsite as required by the school.
  • Parents will notify the teacher if they have a concern with a course. 
  • Parents will notify the digital support staff if they have a technical problem.