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Facilities Project: Phase II

The November 7, 2023 Issue 32

The Benefits

  • Improved teaching and learning is an important aspect of modern schools, as flexible learning spaces provide the opportunity for students to work individually and collaboratively.
  • Today’s facility technology was understandably never a consideration when our current buildings were constructed in 1957 and 1976/1997. 
  • Handicap accessibility is an important benefit. Since the Architectural Barriers Act was passed in 1968, NCCS buildings constructed prior to that date did not address accessibility for all students, including North Canton Middle School. We have modified this building, but the retrofits are not of the quality students and families deserve.
  • Modern design follows current safety and efficiency standards. A new building allows us to incorporate the best safety practices into every aspect of design. 
  • Healthier environments for students and staff can be afforded through new construction materials and duct work.
  • Energy and operation efficiency will be a financial benefit. Building utility costs are projected to drop 25-30%, which is a huge cost savings for the school district.
  • The facilities project at $61.6 million will have an economic impact on the community, bringing both jobs and financial benefits to the area. 
  • Increased property values will be enjoyed by residents because good schools attract families.
  • The legacy of excellence enjoyed by the North Canton City Schools District will live on thanks to improved facilities. 

Why Now?

Chart of increasing costs to residents if Issue 32 is defeated in 2023 and approved at a later time.

Two Phase NCCS Facilities Project

Phase One consolidated three PreK-2nd buildings into North Canton Primary School and two 3rd-5th buildings into North Canton Intermediate School in August 2023. Phase One was paid for through a March 2020 bond issue. 

Phase Two will bring $33.8 million in state money from Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) along with $27.8 million locally funded with Issue 32.

Passage of the bond issue would result in the following:

  • A new North Canton Middle School on 7th Street
  • Approximately $7 million in improvements to Hoover High School over 10 years 

The OFCC requires a maintenance levy for ongoing maintenance of new buildings in order to release the $33.8 million in state funds. These fixed state funds are currently more than half of the expense for replacing North Canton Middle School. 

The Cost

The proposed bond issue for November 2023 is for 1.6 mills and will be accompanied by a 0.7 mill Permanent Improvement Levy that collectively will fund a new Middle School and renovations to Hoover High School. This phase of the building project will also allow North Canton City Schools to capitalize on $33.8 million of state aid that is available through the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission. The total of 2.3 mills that will be on the ballot for our local share, will cost homeowners $6.71 per $100,000 of appraised value by the Stark County Auditor per month or $80.50 per year.

Millage Rate Calculator

The Timeline

In the fall of 2019, the school district held two Community Facilities meetings to determine if residents wanted to address a facility project and the configuration. The conclusion was to move forward with a Phase I Facilities Project presented to the Board of Education, which placed a 3.6 mill bond issue on the March 17, 2020 ballot. The Phase I bond issue passed.

A Facility Design Committee was formed including teachers and staff to assist the architects. The Phase I buildings were completed and opened in August 2023.

Community Meetings were held in 2023 to gather input from the community regarding Phase II. The Board passed resolutions for a November 2023 ballot issue to fund Phase II – a new middle school and renovations at Hoover High School in the amount of 2.3 mills.

Timeline for North Canton City Schools Facilities Project from 2016 through 2023

A bond issue is a property tax levy used to provide a school district with local revenue for construction purposes. The county auditor determines the rate of a bond levy needed each year to service the principal and interest owed on the amount of bonded debt approved by voters when they approved the bond levy. Bond levies remain in place until the debt (principal and interest) is fully paid. Issue 32 is a bond for construction.

A permanent improvement levy is to provide a school district with local revenue for the construction or acquisition of any specific  permanent improvement or class of improvements. A “permanent improvement” is any property or asset having an estimated useful life of five years or more. Only taxes for “general ongoing permanent improvements” can be levied for a continuing period of time. As part of our partnership with the OFCC, we are required to create a 0.5 mill Maintenance Fund, through the passage of a permanent improvement levy, for the long-term care and upkeep of the new buildings.





Download Phase II Facts Placemat

Phase II Community Meetings 2023 


Proposed North Canton Middle School 7th Street Location Site Map at Hoover High School Campus