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North Canton City Schools Sports Venues

Thank you for visiting North Canton City Schools for your sporting events. We welcome those outside of our school district who are competing with our Vikings sports teams. We understand that visiting another school and competing has enough stress of its own, and finding where your competition will be hosted shouldn't add to that stress. Below is an interactive map for your reference in finding where you'll compete.

Simply click on the viking icons below to see what sports are competed at which venues. The addresses are located in the windows that appear so you can click to get directions. Here are the venues as they appear on the map:

1:  Hoover High School
2:  Stadium Complex
3:  North Canton YMCA
4:  Clearmount Elementary
5:  Hoover Comm Rec Complex
6:  North Canton Middle School
7:  Arrowhead Golf Course
8:  Park Centre Lanes

Center Ice Sports Complex — Hockey (not shown on the map): Directions

8th Grade Football and Middle School Lacrosse locations fluctuate