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Brief Lock-Down at North Canton Hoover High School

North Canton, OH (May 12, 2015)

Earlier today, the North Canton Police Department reported they had received a phone call reporting a student may have been at the school with a gun.

NCPD immediately notified administrators at Hoover High School and the building was put into lock-down mode while the North Canton Police and school administrators began to search for the student in question.

While the lock-down was in effect, the person of interest was spotted and apprehended by the NCPD while walking on a street in North Canton, not on school grounds.

Once notified by the NCPD, Hoover High School was taken out of lock-down and resumed normal classes.​ In total, Hoover High School was in lock-down for less than five minutes.

​T​he safety of our students remains our number one priority. Due to the close working relationship between NCCS & NCPD, the issue was resolved quickly with as little disruption to the students as possible, while maintaining their safety at all time.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact the North Canton Police Department at 330-499-5911.

***3:45 p.m. UPDATE***

Since the first media release was published, North Canton City Schools administration has learned the following information:

  • It was later confirmed NCPD spoke with the student's father, who reported that the student had left school, came home and, after an argument with his dad, retrieved the gun from his father's car and walked North from the house. NCPD contacted North Canton Hoover High School as a precautionary measure because the youth was a student at the high school and they wanted to make sure he did not return.
  • At 9:54 a.m., North Canton City Police called Northwood Elementary School, who was put on alert. NCPD Chief Stephan Wilder explained this was a precautionary measure only, as the NCPD didn't feel the school was in walking distance of the student they were seeking. Northwood was told to keep the doors locked (as is their normal practice) and continue to move about the building as usual, but not to let anyone in or out of the building until further notice. By 10:00 a.m. the alert was lifted, as the student had been apprehended.
  • No gun was carried onto the North Canton Hoover High School Campus.


NCPD Media Release - Emotionally Disturbed Youth

NCPD-Media-Release-Emotionally-Disturbed-Youth.pdf | pdf | 121 KB | Last Changed: 12/05/2015 3:30pm

North Canton Police Department media release regarding the situation leading to a brief lock-down at North Canton Hoover High School and the alert for Northwood Elementary School.