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ODH Quarantine Updates for K-12
The Ohio Department of Health has provided new K-12 quarantine guidelines, updated Dec. 30, 2020:

• If a student or teacher is exposed in the classroom setting to someone with COVID-19, quarantine is not
recommended for the exposed individual as long as masking and other appropriate protocols were followed.
• Quarantine continues to be advised for anyone who is exposed in the classroom if protocols have not been followed
(e.g., students or adults in the classroom did not properly wear masks).
• Quarantine continues to be advised for anyone exposed during extracurricular activities, including sports,
regardless of masking or other protocols. Revised guidelines above only apply in classroom settings.

These recommended protocols were updated based on consultation with many resources, including an evaluation of K-12
school students conducted by the Ohio Schools COVID-19 Evaluation Team (OSCE), which includes the Ohio Colleges of
Medicine Government Resource Center, The Ohio State University, Wright State University, Ohio University, and the Post
Acute Rapid Response Team (PARRT, Central Ohio Geriatrics).
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