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The Viking Yearbook Staff Publishing Stronger Memories

Yearbook is an elective course that teaches students proper writing format, photography skills and design elements. Students will learn how to be deadline oriented and punctual, while becoming more involved in school activities and stepping out of your comfort zone. It also helps to better your skills at multi-tasking all the aspects of high school. Hoover is known for an OSMA award-winning yearbook and a close knit staff that always welcomes new students. Even though it is an enjoyable class, yearbook takes a lot of time. Between the time spent during the school day, going to events outside of school and summer ad sales, it is a lot to have on ones plate. We suggest that all yearbook applicants know what is expected of them at the time of submitting your application. The application includes three teacher recommendations, a questionare. If you are interested in joining yearbook or have any questions please contact Ms. Kolbie Haines hainesk@northcantonschools.org.

Meeting Dates
When: Every Thursday, after school- 6 p.m.
Where: Room G-1

How to order a yearbook:
To pre-order your yearbook visit the online order center at >>>>yearbookforever.com <<< Follow the link<<< and enter Hoover High School in the search bar or pick up an order form in the yearbook room (G-1). If you have any questions see Ms. Haines in the yearbook room.