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Developing Stronger Citizens and Decision-Makers

Social Studies are a key part of preparing students for their roles as citizens and decision-makers in our diverse and democratic society.  Understanding the past is critical to making judgments about the present and future.  Students need to know the facts so they can become successful problem-solvers and make reasonable decisions for themselves and the common good of our country.

From PreK to grade 12, our Social Studies curriculum follows Ohio’s New Learning Standards using age-appropriate practices.  Overall, we work on developing historical and spatial thinking and civic participation skills and also focus on economic decision making and financial literacy. 

Social Studies has been woven into other subjects as well.  Our Literacy program in grades K-5 includes Social Studies concepts, as does our Science and Geography work.  As students move into grades 6-12, they are exposed to courses like US and Ohio History, World Studies, US Government and Economics.

AP courses offered:

  • AP US History
  • AP US Government and Politics
  • AP Economics (Both Micro and Macro)
  • AP Psychology

Clubs:  Mock Trial, Model UN, Cartoon Club