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Learning Mathematics For Stronger Life Skills

Today’s world bombards us with data that must be absorbed, sorted, organized and used to make everyday decisions.  We believe that developing a mastery of mathematics is not just a classroom skill, it is a life skill.

We begin the development of those life skills in grades K-5 with our Everyday Math series.  Everyday Math focuses on making the subject more meaningful to students by focusing on math in real life contexts and situations.  There are many ways to arrive at the correct answers and students can choose the way that works best for them.  The curriculum and cutting edge digital tools promote engaged, creative and ongoing learning and practice.  The program also provides teachers with many differentiating options so they can support the needs of every student in the class.  Parents have access to online resources and games to use along with their child at home.

Starting in grade 6, we group students according to their level of math proficiency in order to provide instruction that is relevant and focused on their individual needs.  We begin offering honors courses at this level, and eventually offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses in Calculus and Statistics, for which students have the opportunity to earn college credit.  We also offer Dual Enrollment Precalculus where students have the opportunity to earn college credit in Math, with no test required and guaranteed by the Ohio Board of Regents to be accepted at any public university or college in Ohio.

In addition, our state-of-the-art Fab Lab and iSpaces allow students to continue to develop their skills in mathematics in a very hands-on, fun and engaging manner.

 Clubs:  TSA Teams, Math Club, Elementary Math Teams, Math Counts (MS)


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