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English Studies Build Confidence in Communication Skills

From preschool through grade 12, we focus on student literacy through reading, writing, speaking, thinking, and listening.  In fact, English literacy is part of every subject that we teach.  At each grade level, North Canton teachers collaborate to create common assessments that are regularly used to gauge student progress in literacy skills.  This helps to ensure that all children, regardless of the school they attend or the teacher they have, are being taught the same skills and are progressing at a grade level pace.

Starting in kindergarten, our K-5 students are introduced to a powerful curriculum that includes spelling, grammar, writing, listening, speaking, as well as reading.  Our k-5 teachers use the McGraw-Hill Wonders series, a comprehensive literacy program focusing on all areas of English language arts comprehension and learning.  This popular series is based on Ohio’s New Learning Standards and has an abundant online resource base.  In addition to the resources teachers use to teach skills and strategies, there is a separate set of resources designed specifically to practice them, including guided-level readers.  Students have their own online accounts giving them access to stories and materials customized to their own grade and learning level.  Our parents appreciate, and frequently take advantage of, these online resources with their children at home.

Teachers of grades 6-12 use a variety of books and resources, including everything from classic novels to high-interest best sellers, to help our students continue to develop and refine reading, writing, speaking, listening, and researching skills. 

Today, our students are required by the State of Ohio to take performance-based standardized tests.  Students must read several documents, digest and synthesize the information, and then write their answers in an essay format, where they must make a case and support their arguments.  We begin building the basic foundation for this response to literature early on in k-5 and continue through grades 6-8.  In high school, we offer intensive instruction in writing and the reading of classic and contemporary literature, as well as informational text.  In addition, we focus on serious research skills using both print and online sources.

At Hoover High School, we offer two Advanced Placement (AP) courses in Literature and Language, which provide students the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school.  In addition, we offer a Dual Enrollment English class.  These classes allow students to graduate with up to three hours of college credit in English, with no test required and guaranteed by the Ohio Board of Regents to be accepted at any public university or college in Ohio.

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