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Purple Star School

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North Canton Middle School has been honored as a Purple Star School.
The Ohio Department of Education's Purple Star Award for military-friendly schools recognizes schools 
that show a major commitment to students and families connected to our nation’s military. 

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NCMS is proud to support our veterans and military families.  Approximately 35,000 students in Ohio are members of military families, and there are close to 1.4 million active service members currently serving in the U.S. Military.  Resources and support are available to our North Canton families. If you would like to speak to someone regarding support for your family, the counselors at NCMS are available to help you.  NCMS thanks all of our men and women who have served and those who are currently serving in the U.S. Military.       

Patriot's Pen Winners for 2020-2021

North Canton Middle School eighth-grade students were asked, "What does patriotism mean to me?"  
The top three essays were selected as the Patriot’s Pen Winners:

Patriot’s Pen Winner- 2020
Written By: Grace Dannemiller
What is patriotism to me? Patriotism is defined as “love for or devotion to one's country.” To
me, patriotism is pride for our nation and how the people who put their lives on the line are recognized.
There are some national holidays that make showing our pride easy. On Veteran’s Day,
Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day, there are always parades and flags all around. Personally,
I feel that every day we should show our patriotism by recognizing and thanking those who serve our
country. Although it may seem scary, you should approach those in uniform and say “thank you for your
service.” The greatest form of patriotism is serving our country. All men and women that serve in the
military are heroes.
One hero I know is my grandpa. He served as a Marine in Vietnam. When I was 7, I vividly
remember him telling me the stories of war like when he had to wake up in the middle of a warzone, or
not being able to sleep for days. He also talks about the sacrifice and loss associated with being in
the war. He and so many others fought to preserve the rights of the American people.
At my age, I’m not able to enlist in the military or to fight in wars so I have had to come up
with other ways to show my patriotism. The simplest thing I do is stand and face the flag to show
respect during the playing of our national anthem. Another way I show my patriotism is by being a good
citizen. During this pandemic, Americans have been asked to show their patriotism by wearing a mask.
I wear one not only for myself but for people that are more vulnerable to the disease than me. I’m
proud to be an American and appreciate the sacrifice of those who came before me. 

Patriot’s Pen Winner- 2020
Written By: Miranda Bille
What does patriotism mean to me? What does patriotism even mean?
According to the dictionary, “Patriotism means the quality of being patriotic; devotion to and
vigorous support for one’s country”. Heroes from the Marine Corp, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and
Navy risk their lives to protect millions of people, every single day! These people have a duty and a
loyalty to their own nation. Men and women in all military branches protect other citizens who feel
alone, unsafe, or unsure of where they stand. Although I can never put the meaning of patriotism into
real words, I will say it has many different and powerful meanings that some may never understand.
My late Grandfather, Charlie, served in the U.S Army for 2 years. He was drafted and served
from 1966-1968 in Fort Hood, Texas as military police. My mother and her sisters back then were all
probably scared every time he left home. Not knowing if he would come back home in one piece, or
come back home at all! Sharing a personal piece of information like that can be difficult for many, but
heroes, like my grandfather, would want to be remembered as someone who served his country with
Patriotism from my perspective is meaningful and positive. When I think of patriotism, I think
about all the good things veterans do for our country. They protect us and they fight for us and our
freedom. These are all things to be honored.
I wonder what patriotism means to those veterans. Mike Mealor, age 32, was Captain in the
U.S. army and he served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He believes, “Patriotism is not about supporting
people in leadership; it’s about supporting the idea of America and what it really is.” I agree with Mike,
what matters is support for the country and others surrounding us. Steve Smith, age 56, Lieutenant in
the U.S. Navy, served during the Iran-Iraq war. “Patriotism is putting the country before self.
Patriotism can be expressed in a number of ways, not just by service in the government or military,”
says Lieutenant Smith. People who don’t serve, still, certainly have a part in showing patriotism.
Patriotism is a very meaningful and powerful word. Although, I may never fully understand
what it truly means, I know patriotism is really about people. The people who pour their life and soul
into supporting America.

Patriot’s Pen Winner- 2020
Written By: Peyton Craig
The dictionary says patriotism means “ The quality of being patriotic; devotion to and vigorous
support for one's country.” But to me, it is so much more than that.
Patriotism to me is many things. Loving your country with all your heart, seeing the flag, and
being proud to live here. Trying to make your country a better place, accepting the flaws and trying to
fix them. Being grateful for the fact that we have freedom. Knowing that I’m protected by the millions
of men and women who have died or put their life on the line- not only for their country but for the
people who need to be fought for.
I am really thankful that I live in America. I have the freedom to choose where I want to work
and live. Freedom of speech, Freedom of religion, Freedom of the press. We have so many rights and
privileges compared to other countries. People with disabilities can get the help, care, and love that
they need instead of being killed just because they’re different than most of us. The homeless have
stations where they can get the food, water, and shelter they need instead of being left for dead on
the street. We get to choose who we want to love, what we want to wear, and what to eat, where we
want to live, and so much more.
But just like everything else, America isn’t perfect, and it has flaws. In the age where we are
the most connected, we are also the most divided. It’s always us versus them. People hate each other
just because they have different opinions on who should be president, what is right and wrong, or who
they love. We have seen it even more this year with the riots, with people screaming at each other and
setting things on fire. But I believe that we can get better. That we can try to fix all the problems and
grow from them. It will take time, but I believe that we could get there one day.
Even if America has flaws, and areas it needs to change, I’m still thankful. To go home and
have the freedoms that so many people don’t have, to go to bed at night at peace knowing I am
protected. I am so grateful that I am an American and will be grateful until my last breath. 


These students were  sponsored by VFW Post/Auxiliary 7490 Louisville.

Veterans Day 2020

cover photo of video with black background and stars At North Canton Middle School, we celebrate Veterans Day with a full assembly that includes students, staff, families, and, of course, veterans. Unfortunately, circumstances did not permit the full assembly this school year due to the pandemic. As a result, with the help of the high school video productions class, we were able to share a video that displays our respect for veterans on this very important day. Here is the video.

Challenges Military Families may Face


=        Separation from families

=        Feelings of loneliness, sadness, withdrawn

=        Making new friends

=        Fear of one’s safety

=        Overwhelmed feelings

=        Academic struggles

=        Financial difficulties

=        Homelessness

=        Added responsibilities

=        Added stress and worry

=        Health issues

=        Job security

=        PTSD/ mental health struggles


You are not alone here in North Canton City Schools. 


North Canton Services available to families in need:

*Call the counseling department at NCMS at 330-497-5635 for additional information.

-North Canton Cares Network

-North Canton Cares Pantry

-North Canton Backpack Program

Resources from the Ohio Department of Education Website to Support Military Families:
Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission - Ohio is one of 50 states involved in the Interstate Compact for Educational Opportunities for Military Children, which is working to ensure that military children are properly enrolled in schools, have eligibility for school activities and have assistance in meeting graduation requirements. Learn about the compact on this website. For for additional information, contact ODE staff members Pete Lupiba, the council’s state commissioner, at [email protected] | Working with Ohio’s Military Kids: what educators need to know

Veterans Executive Order Report - A comprehensive look at what state departments, boards, commissions and our institutions of higher education can do to support Ohio’s veterans and service members, and to make our state an ideal home for veterans seeking to launch their civilian careers.

House Bill 488 - Revised Code to require state institutions of higher education to award credit for military training, to increase penalties for certain theft, deception, and identity fraud offenses when the victim is an active duty service member, to allow for a civil action for victims of identity fraud, to make other changes regarding state support and benefits for veterans and their spouses, and to clarify membership in the State Teachers Retirement System.

Health Care Licensing for Military Members and Spouses - If you or your spouse is a current or retired member of the armed forces of the United States, or a reserve component of the armed forces of the United States, including the Ohio national guard, the following information is provided to help you in obtaining licensure or certification by the Ohio Board of Nursing. 
Ohio National Guard’s Family Readiness Program - This program provides information and tools for Ohio families, including educational resources, youth camps and recreational opportunities.

Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) - The Military Child Education Coalition’s work is focused on ensuring quality educational opportunities for all military children affected by mobility, family separation and transition. | Voice for the Military Child: a newsletter for friends of the MCEC

Ohio Inter-service Family Assistance Coalition (ISFAC) - The ISFAC serves as a statewide “safety net” in support of Ohio military families. The ISFAC connects military families with national, state, regional and community resources as well as volunteer support services.
Ohio National Guard’s Family Readiness Program - This program provides information and tools for Ohio families, including educational resources, youth camps and recreational opportunities. 

Army OneSource - Army OneSource, Army Child, Youth and School (CYS) Services works with parents, students and schools to mitigate the challenges resulting from children switching school systems because of family relocation or deployment of a parent.

Touching Base - Touching Base is a quarterly U.S. Department of Education newsletter for the military community.

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