Facilities Project: Phase I

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Renderings of the Primary School
View from Charlotte Street

Primary School Main Entrance

Media Center



Extended Learning Area

Renderings of the 3-5 School Building
Maple Street View

Student Drop-off Area

Parking Lot


Fourth-grade Extended Learning Area


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Construction Timeline

Schedule for Completion of Intermediate and Primary Schools

NCCS constructing two new schools


Thanks to the support of the residents of North Canton City Schools, the district is constructing two new school buildings that will replace five building currently in use. A new Pre-K through grade two building will house students that presently attend the Early Childhood Center, Clearmount Elementary, and Northwood Elementary. The site of the new primary school is located on Charlotte Street. A new intermediate school, housing grades three-five, will be located on the present Clearmount site and will face East Maple Street. This school replaces Greentown Intermediate and Orchard Hill Intermediate Schools.
Logistics Plan for Charlotte Building Site

New Primary School

This site map shows the Charlotte location for the new school building that will house grades preschool through second grade. Note the location of new school in relation to the present Mary L. Evans Early Childhood Center.

Exterior Views of the Primary School

Primary School Floor Plans

Logistics plan for Clearmount building site

New Intermediate School

This site map shows the Clearmount location for the new school building that will house grades 3-5. Note the construction area where the new building will be erected. The map also shows where a drop-off and pick-up area for current Clearmount Elementary students.
site map for the construction area at Clearmount Elementary 

Exterior Views of the Intermediate School

The new intermediate school will be located at the Clearmount site. These photos show the exterior of the planned building.

Intermediate School Floor Plans

Design and Development of North Canton Primary and Intermediate Schools
Schematic Design of NCCS Primary and Intermediate School Buildings
Facility Planning underway

Thanks to the support of the North Canton City School District residents, work has begun on the facility project that will result in two new school buildings in the district. The Mary L. Evans Early Childhood Center, Clearmount Elementary School, and Northwood Elementary will be consolidated into one building. Greentown Intermediate and Orchard Hill Intermediate will be combined into another new school. 

A steering committee, which meets every two weeks, has been created to make recommendations about the construction of each school building, such as classroom components, lockers, cafeteria size, number of restrooms, and sizes of extended learning areas.


Timeline for construction:

Late summer/fall 2021:  Excavation work
Nov./Dec. 2021/January 2022:  Bidding process for building components - foundation/plumbing/HVAC/electricity/etc.
February 2022:  Construction begins weather permitting
August 2023:  School buildings open


Steering Committee:

NCCS District Personnel
 Superintendent Jeff Wendorf
 Asst. Superintendent Dave Pilati
 Treasurer Todd Tolson
 Business Manager Todd Henne
 Technology Director Kim Nidy

Board of Education
 Jessica Stroia
 Robert Roden

City Administrator for City of North Canton Pat DeOrio 

Hammond Construction
 John Kirkpatrick, Jeff Adams, Frank Mongiardo 

SoL Harris/Day
 Domenic Ferrante, Burt Marzley, Jordan Lewis Regina Erdman, and Carolina Silva

 Holly Pierpont, Larry Kinard, and Andy Schiltz

NCCS Staff
 Alyssa Wise
 Amanda Chaney
 Candice Robinson
 Darlene Howald
 David Russ
 Denise Cooley
 Janet Peare
 Jarrod Thomas
 Jennelle Ellis  
 John Welch
 Josh Runner
 Kerrie Steepleton
 Kristi Cropper
 Matthew Donaldson
 Melissa Wolfe  
 Ryan Kumpf
 Terri Simmons
 Tiffany Humphrey  
 *Article from the November 2020 Viking Vision
Background Information on Project
Student Enrollment 
Master Planning Process 
Site Studies 
Construction Dates of School Buildings and Facilities
Dates district school buildings were constructed with a school in the background
North Canton Primary School for May 19, 2023
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Beam signing by Pre-K to Grade 5 Students and Staff October 7
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Primary School Construction Minute for September 9

North Canton Primary School Construction Minute for August 26

The primary building continues to make steady progress. The slab on grade is almost finished, including the gym floor, while the steel and masonry work continues. Second floor joist and deck materials continue to arrive on schedule along with each sequence of steel. We anticipate roof decking to be delivered early in September and the second-floor sabs will continue to be poured in sequence. Finally, the west side of the site is moving forward as curbs have been poured, and a significant part of the west parking lot and driveway will be asphalted in the next two weeks.

North Canton Intermediate School Construction Minute for August 26

The intermediate building continues to move forward in a similar fashion with the slab on grade almost completely finished. A significant number of interior block walls have been constructed, and steel and joist continue to be installed each day. Today marked the first pour of the second-floor slab in the area nearest Clearmount, and those pours will continue through the next couple of weeks. We anticipate exterior framing of this building will begin shortly after Labor Day. Some preliminary site work has already been completed along the east side of the building, which will be part of the future bus parking area. 
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