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2022-2023 Student Handbook

Clearmount Elementary School

NCCS Mission - "Inspire Students... Impact Community... Change the World!"

NCCS Vision"To be recognized as a trusted, leading organization for learning"

Clearmount Vike Pledge

I am very safe.  I am in control.  I am kind to all.  I am eager to learn

Josh Runner, Principal                                                                                                                      Nancy Frank, Secretary

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Student Handbook




Welcome to a new school year!  We are excited to get started on your child’s educational journey and believe that these primary years are the critical foundation for long term academic success and growth.  Most importantly we want your child to LOVE to come to school each and every day.

The information in this handbook will be helpful in explaining the procedures and guidelines of our daily operations.  It is our desire to develop and maintain good communication between the school and its families.  Please remember, if you need any information or assistance, please call us at (330) 497-5640.


We appreciate your support and cooperation as we all strive to provide a great learning experience for our children.




Josh Runner



Clearmount Daily Schedule - 

8:55 am – Doors open and children are permitted into the building

9:10 am – Tardy Bell (students not in their classes or at breakfast at this time will be counted tardy)

3:55 pm– Walker and Car-riders are dismissed for pick up 

3:57 pm -   Begin loading buses

4:00 pm – Official end of the school day (Continue loading buses as they arrive)


Arrival Procedures Students are not to arrive at school before 8:55 AM unless it is an emergency situation.  Parents are to walk with their children to school and walk them to Door #1 or you may use the supervised car line drop-off area in the North parking lot.  Bus Riders will be dropped off in front of the school.  DO NOT park in the bus lanes in front of the school between 8:30 and 9:15 AM. 


Dismissal Procedures - At dismissal, bus riders are called when their bus arrives, beginning at 3:55 PM. Kindergarten and First Grade students who are not riding the bus will be dismissed to the Cafeteria. Parents (or caregivers) may park in the car lot (spots will be at a premium) or along the adjacent streets and walk to Door #10 on the North Side of the school.  Second Grade will be dismissed under staff supervision at Door #2 (South of the Main Entrance).  Please be aware of the fire hydrants and crosswalks as well as the entrance to the bus loop entrance and exits in the front of the school if parking along the streets.  Parents of Kindergarten and First Grade students will wait outside the building.  A staff member will call for the children when you arrive.  If another person will be picking up your child, please notify the office so we are prepared.  If we do not recognize a child’s caregiver, the child will not be released until we make contact with the custodial parent.  This pick up option will be available each day from 3:55 until 4:10. Please plan accordingly.

Due to the nature of our end of the day classroom activities please do not plan to pick up your child early to avoid the pick up lines on a regular basis. 


School Transportation - Bus transportation is available for students who live more than a mile away from school.   Parents and students must assume that bus transportation is a privilege, not a right.  Parents are expected to supervise their children at the bus stop.  

  • Students are to only ride their assigned bus, unless an emergency exists. In the event of an emergency, the parent should call the school.  The child must have written approval for a bus change.
  • A child who is not a bus rider may not ride to or from school on a school bus.  Parents must send a note to school if there is a change in transportation arrangements.
  • It is strongly suggested that families take advantage of the school bus transportation because of potential parking issues around the school.


           It is strongly suggested that students who are eligible to ride the bus to and from school do so.  Please note, ONLY Clearmount students in grades K – 2 will be riding our buses.   Because of the lack of parking and potential congestion around the school building at the end of the day, please take advantage of this service if you are eligible.



All children are expected to be in attendance each day unless they are ill or a family emergency

arises. Please remember that a written note (or an email) explaining the absence is required after

a student has been absent. We realize that there will be instances when your child may be tardy,

but please avoid this whenever possible. (Office Email: [email protected])

If a parent knows in advance that their child will be absent for any length of time (doctor/dental

appointment or funeral), they should send a note to school before the absence. Information

regarding family vacations should be discussed with the principal and the teacher.

Please provide the school with a medical/dental excuse from your physician’s office if a

medical/dental appointment is during the school hours. Any school time that is missed will count towards the Chronic Absenteeism that is referenced below.



Reporting Absences - For your child’s safety and protection, please call the school office (330) 497-5640 by 9:30 AM if your child is absent from school.   You can leave a message on the school answering machine before or after school hours.  The office will contact you at home or at work if you do not report your child’s absence.  When your child returns to school, send a note (preferably from the attending physician if seen by a doctor) explaining the reason for the absence. Failure to notify the school will result in an unexcused absence. 

Office Email:   [email protected] 


Regulation Governing Tardiness - Students are expected to report to school on time.  Students not doing so will be considered tardy unless one of the following conditions exists.

  1. Students arriving on a late school bus.
  2. Students who are pre-excused for a physician’s or dentist’s appointment.
  3. Students receiving emergency medical treatment by a physician or dentist.
  • Students arriving after 9:10 am will be considered tardy. Students arriving after 10:10 am will be considered absent for a half day.
  • Tardiness interrupts your child’s instructional time.  When a student arrives late to school, he/she must report to the office before entering the classroom.  Parents are required to come in with their child to the main office and sign them in.
  • Your child’s teacher will be notified that the student is on their way to the classroom.
  • Parents are not to walk the student to the classroom.  


Special / Early Dismissals - Special / early dismissals should be kept to a minimum and utilized only for important and necessary reasons.  For safety reasons, parents or other adults who pick up students early MUST use the following procedures:

  1. Please send a note to the teacher regarding an early dismissal.  Please note if someone other than yourself is picking up your child.
  2. Parent reports to the office and shows ID verification.
  3. The secretary will call the child to the office.
  4. Parent signs the child out and waits for the child to arrive at the office.
  5. Parent is NOT to go directly to the child’s classroom.

NOTE:  The above procedures must be used at all times. 


The Ohio State Legislature made significant changes to Ohio’s school attendance laws through House Bill 410 that went into effect in 2017.  The two areas that Ohio Revised Code now requires schools to address are absenteeism and truancy.  Below is how Ohio Revised Code defines the two types of absenteeism and the actions that will be initiated by your child’s school.


Excessive Absenteeism is when a student is absent with a nonmedical excuse or without legitimate excuse for either of the following: for 38 hours in one school month or 65 hours in one school year. In these situations, state law requires the school to send a letter to the parents informing them of their child’s excessive absenteeism.  The school may develop an absence intervention plan for the purpose of improving the student’s attendance.


Chronic Absenteeism is when a student is absent with or without legitimate excuse for 10% of the school year.  In these situations, the school:

  • will inform the parent and schedule a meeting with the parent
  • may revise an absence intervention plan if one was previously created
  • will require medical documentation in order to excuse future absences 

Habitual truancy refers to when a child is absent from school without a legitimate excuse for 30 consecutive school hours or 42 hours in one school month or 72 hours in one school year. In these situations, state law requires the school to seek input from the parent in order to develop an absence intervention plan to improve the student’s attendance.  If attendance does not improve, the school will file charges with the court system.


Care of Textbooks and Library Books - Textbooks are loaned to students for their use during the school year.  Textbooks are to be kept clean, handled carefully, and covered with a book cover.  The library has books and magazines for recreational reading and for classroom assignments.  Students will be assessed fines for abuse or misuse of books.  Lost and damaged books must be paid for before the end of the school year.  


Change of Address, Email, and/or Telephone Number - It is important that we have the correct address, email, and telephone numbers for each student.  If you plan to move or change your home, cell, or work telephone number, please notify the school office immediately.


Lost and Found - Parents are requested to label coats, sweaters, hats, lunch boxes, glasses, etc. to help ensure return of lost items.   Unidentified items which have been found are kept in a large box in the cafeteria.  Students should check the lost and found when they have lost a particular item. Parents are also encouraged to check for lost articles when they are in the building.  Any unclaimed items will be donated to a charitable organization at the end of each nine weeks.


Home/School Communication - It is important that you check the “Take Home Folder” in your child’s book bag each day for important papers.   Most teachers communicate classroom news via email or with the take home folder. You can access the teacher and building pages to learn more about classroom activities through Class Dojo or the Clearmount Facebook Page.


Birthday Invitations - Students may bring birthday invitations to the class to hand out.  The rule being: every student in the class or every student of the same gender receives the invitation.  Boys or girls may not be left out.


Cafeteria / Food Service


*Lunch - $2.75        *Adult Lunch - $4.50           *Milk - $.60 


Hot lunches are served each day.  The lunch menu is published monthly.  For those who pack a lunch, milk may be purchased.  Applications for free or reduced price lunches are available in the school office or can be found on the NCCS website.

  • In case of emergency, lunch may be charged.  We try to impress upon the children that it is their responsibility to bring the money to school the next school day.
  • Students may pay for their lunches daily, weekly or monthly.  There is an online lunch payment program available.  This can be found on our website:  Look for the School Lunch Account link that will take you to  If you send money to school, please put it in an envelope with your child’s name, the teacher’s name and a notation of “Lunch Money”.
  • Breakfast is also available each morning for $1.75, served from 9:12 – 9:30 a.m.

(*All prices are subject to change before the start of school, but will remain consistent throughout the year)


Eating Lunch at School - At this time, parents are not permitted to eat lunch in the cafeteria with their student. Parents are NOT PERMITTED to bring in or drop off outside restaurant food or fast food to our cafeteria for student lunches.  (This includes food from Subway, Jimmy Johns, Pizza, Wendy’s, etc.)


Helpful Hints for Packers - Try to send food items that your child can easily prepare to eat himself/ herself.  Your child may have to wait before the lunch monitor can get to him/her for help in opening pudding, juice boxes or other hard to open containers.   Please practice opening these types of containers at home.


Lunchroom Etiquette - Students are expected to speak in quiet voices so all in the lunchroom may enjoy lunch.  It is important that each child knows he/she is responsible for cleaning up his/her own eating area. Keep in mind that your child has about 25 minutes to eat his/her lunch, so please pack accordingly.  Students will be given extra time to eat during their recess time if needed.


Breakfast program - Any student can participate in the breakfast program.  Students can pay cash or pay through their lunch accounts. Participating students arrive at school and go directly to the cafeteria.  They pick up breakfast in the serving line, stay in the café and eat under the supervision of an adult.  They will have about 15 – 20 minutes to eat their breakfast before being dismissed to their classroom.


Health Information

  • When an accident or sudden illness occurs at school, necessary first aid will be administered.  If, in the judgment of the principal and/or school nurse, conditions warrant your immediate attention, you will be notified.  If you cannot be reached, we will use the emergency form to contact the person you have designated.
  • Communicable diseases should be reported to the school office when they occur.  A child should remain home from school until all symptoms of the disease disappear or a written release from the doctor is submitted.
  • All students must have up-to-date immunization records on file in the school office.
  • Health Guidelines for School Attendance will be provided by our Medical Staff.


Medication - The Board of Education Policy prohibits the dispensation of any medication unless the proper school forms have been completed.


  • Prescribed Medication must be brought to school by the parent in the original bottle ordered by the prescribing physician or licensed pharmacist.   Parents must complete a Prescription Authorization Form. A physician’s signature is required.


  • Over-The-counter Medication must be brought to school by the parent.   Students are not permitted to transport any type of medication.  Parents must sign and complete the Non-Prescription Authorization Form.


  • All medication, both prescribed and over-the-counter, will be kept in the school office in locked storage and will only be distributed by authorized school personnel.  Both forms are available in the school office or online at our website:


Outside Play / Recess/ Brain Breaks - Recess is an integral part of the daily schedule.  Students will be going outside unless extreme cold, rainy, or icy conditions exist on the playground.  It is important to dress your child for the weather.  This may require that your child wear boots, hats, gloves, and a suitable coat.  Students will be outside for up to 20 minutes at a time.  From time to time, your child’s teacher may schedule “brain breaks” for the class and this could involve going outside for an educational activity.  In the event of inclement weather, outside recess will be shortened or held indoors.   Students will be supervised in their classrooms by monitors.  


A physician’s note is required for your child to stay indoors for recess.  Requests for an extended length of time must be verified by a doctor’s statement.


School Closing - Any emergency closings or delayed starting times, will be broadcast over the major Cleveland News channels, and local radio stations. Many of these local news outlets have text alert features. Families will also be contacted using the district phone messaging system.


In the event of a delayed starting time, elementary start times are NOT changed.  The delay only applies to the Middle School and High School.


Physical Education - Physical Education is one of the regular subjects taught in the elementary school.  Students are required to have gym shoes to participate and may wear athletic shoes they wear to school. Some children keep a clean pair in their lockers for gym. Gym shoes left at school do not need to be new, but should be clean.


If a child is unable to participate in the regular physical education class, a note from the parent is required.  For extended periods of time, a note from the physician should be obtained and sent to the teacher.


School Wide Rules and Expectations - School wide discipline is very important.  We use the “bucket- filling” philosophy to help our young learners understand the golden rule.  Staff will communicate expectations using our School Wide Behavior Matrix.  Parents can help us by reminding children that students at Clearmount are:  Very Safe, In Control, Kind to all, and Eager to learn.  The first letter of each expectation spells VIKE.  We are proud to call ourselves “Vikes” here in North Canton!


General Expectations:

  • “Give Me Five” – Upon hearing this phrase, the “Give Me Five” expectation should be followed:  1. Mouth is closed.  2.  Eyes should be looking.  3.   Ears should be listening.  4.  Body is still.  5. Brain is focused and paying attention.
  • Follow directions the first time they are given.
  • Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  • Gum is not permitted.
  • CD’s, radios, electronic games, cell phones, iPods, or trading cards are not to be brought to school.
  • Pets are not to be brought to school.


Classroom Expectations - Teachers will establish their classroom rules.  Parents will have the rules and class procedures explained by their classroom teacher.  Please discuss them with your child.


     Playground Expectations -

  • Students are not permitted on the playground without an adult supervisor.
  • Use all equipment safely and properly.
  • Return all equipment and balls to the storage racks.
  • Toys are not to be brought from home.
  • Stop playing and line up when the whistle blows or the bell rings.

Cafeteria Expectations-

  • Quiet Conversation is permitted.  Yelling and screaming are not permitted.
  • Everyone cleans his/her own place and disposes of trash.
  • No sharing or trading food.
  • Do not leave the cafeteria until you are dismissed.
  • Students are to remain in their seats.
  • Students should raise their hand if they need some assistance.

Bus Expectations – 

  • Sit in the assigned seat.
  • Talk quietly to the person sitting next to you or look out the window.
  • Walk in the aisle when the bus has stopped.



Anti-Harassment policy - Ohio Revised Code 3313.666 defines harassment, intimidation, or bullying to mean any intentional written, verbal, electronic, or physical act that a student or group of students exhibits toward another particular student(s) more than once and the behavior both causes mental or physical harm to the other student(s) and is sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive that it creates an intimidating, threatening, or abusive educational environment for the other student(s).  Ohio Revised Code 3313.666 additionally requires the board of education of each school district to establish a policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation, and bullying and requires each district to bi-annually report the number of verified acts of harassment, intimidation, and/or bullying, whether in the classroom, on school property, to and from school, or at school-sponsored events. 


School Observation - For an observation, please arrange a mutually convenient time with the classroom teacher.  Please remember to stop in the office first. We appreciate you NOT going to the classrooms directly.  All visits to the classroom must be pre-arranged with your child’s teacher first.  


Parent Volunteers - Please contact your child’s classroom teacher to volunteer in the classroom. We love having volunteers in the library & cafeteria.  Please watch for the PTO volunteer form or contact the office.


Clearmount PTO -  Our PTO is run entirely by volunteers.  We encourage all families to join our PTO.  We at Clearmount believe that our PTO is a viable and contributing group to the well-being and success of our school.


Recognition and Awards - We believe a school-wide program of positive reinforcement inspires students to achieve their very best academically and as a good citizen.  Awards are presented daily, weekly, monthly, and at the end of each 9-week period. Some awards may include “Bucket Filler” award, Weekly V.I.P, Citizenship award and Character Champion award.

School Visitation - Should you be visiting the school, for any reason, please sign in using the School Safe ID system.  Scan your driver’s license or state issued ID, using the School Safe ID system, and put on the visitor/volunteer photo sticker.  You must have your driver’s license or state issued ID in order to enter the building.  We appreciate you NOT going to the classrooms directly.  Please note, all visits to the classroom must be pre-arranged with your child’s teacher first.  

Security - All doors at Clearmount will be locked during the school day.  To enter the building, you will press a button inside the front doors and identify yourself to enter.  The button is located between the inside doors.

Please have your driver’s license, or state issued ID, ready to check in to the school.  If you are a volunteer, visiting, or at the school for a meeting, you will scan your license or state issued ID, using the School Safe ID System, and will receive a photo sticker to wear before entering the building. All volunteers and visitors must wear a visitor/volunteer photo sticker.  Your cooperation and support will help us ensure a safer school for students and staff.

Security cameras - For students’ safety and welfare, video surveillance cameras are placed throughout the building, school grounds and on buses. Actions recorded on these cameras may be used as evidence in disciplinary action. Any attempt to damage or interfere with the function of these devices may result in disciplinary action by the school and possible referral to local law enforcement agencies.

Tracking Devices, Smartwatches & Cell phones - Tracking devices that look like watches are becoming popular at this age level.  There are several on the market; one example is the LG Gizmo Gadget.   Some of these smartwatches allow parents to call the watch without the child and those around him knowing. Due to privacy issues of other children sharing the classroom and the safety procedures we have in place, we discourage the use of these devices at school.  Children will be asked to leave these devices in their backpacks during the school day if they wear them.  Cell phones will also stay in backpacks during the school day if they are brought to school.


Lockers - Lockers are the property of the Board of Education, and the locker and the contents thereof are subject to random searches at any time without regard to any reasonable suspicion. These searches may be conducted without the presence of the student.”


Withdrawal of Students - When you are planning to move, it is essential that the school be notified as soon as possible.  A Student Withdrawal Form and a Records Release Form (from their new school) must be completed by the parent before your child’s records can be transferred to another school.  Adequate notice is also needed so that the teacher can prepare reports which are sent with your children when they leave our school.







Frequently Asked Questions:


Who will the school contact if there is an emergency involving my child and I cannot be reached?

We will always attempt to contact parents first in the event of illness or emergency.  Additional emergency contacts may be provided on the Emergency Medical Authorization form when completing the FinalForms online information system. This form enables the parent to authorize emergency treatment of illness or injury while the student is under school authority and the parent cannot be reached. 


Am I responsible for paying charges and fines?   Your child will bring home information about his/her school fees. Failure to pay workbook fees, library fines or lunch charges will result in report cards being withheld, beginning in January, until you have paid all outstanding fees and fines.  Contact the principal to set up a payment plan if needed.   Online payment options are available for lunch accounts and the school workbook fees.  


Will my child receive a report card?  Report cards are issued every nine weeks (four times per year).  The final report card will be mailed home in early June.


May students ride a bicycle to school?  It is strongly suggested that students in grades K-2 do not ride bikes to school by themselves.  Bikes can be left in the bike racks.  It is a good idea to lock them during the school day. 


Does the school need to know if my child is involved in a custody case?  It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian who maintains legal custody to see that custody orders are on file in the school office.  We want to be sure that we release children only to authorized adults.  Please report all changes in custody to the school office.


Can my child celebrate his/her birthday at school?   Yes, but please check with your student’s teacher first. Healthy treats are recommended. Check with your child’s teacher regarding possible food allergies in the classroom. Some teachers request non-food items only. We also celebrate ½ birthdays for those students with summer birthdays.


Is there a snack each day?  Most teachers schedule time for a morning snack.   Please send healthy food for your child to eat.  


What if my child has allergies?  Identify the allergy on the child’s medical form and talk to your child’s teacher about specific allergies so the classroom activities can be planned accordingly.


Will my child need any of his/her toys at school?   Please do not send any toys or electronic games to school unless it is on sharing day to show to the class.   Toys should not be brought from home and taken out on the playground.


How can I communicate with my child’s teacher?  If you want to speak with the teacher, you may call the office and leave a message.  You may also either email or send a note to the teacher. The teacher will return your call or email as soon as possible.  


What if my child is having trouble learning to read?   Reading support personnel are available to help students who are experiencing reading difficulties.  All students are screened at the beginning of the school year. You will be contacted if your child qualifies for additional support beyond the core classroom instruction during the school day.


Should I pick up my child’s work if he/she misses school?  If your child is absent, you can call the office before 11:00 AM and request that the teacher place your child’s work in the school office, or send it home with a sibling or neighbor.  You may pick it up after 3:00 p.m. on the day of the request. 


What should I do if my child is not going to his/her before or after school care program?  Send a note to your child’s teacher about the change.   It is your responsibility to notify the after school care provider (Y Care, Faith Friends, Babysitter, etc.).


Should I send money, permission slips and other important information to school in envelopes? Label all items sent to school in an envelope with your child’s name, teacher’s name, and what is in the envelope.




Again, WELCOME to Clearmount!

Contact the school office with additional questions.


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